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September 27, 2023

9 Checkpoints to Evaluate Your Community

Review Community Objectives

Revisit the goals you set for your community at the beginning of the year. Are they still aligned with the evolving needs of your members? If necessary, refine your objectives to reflect the current community landscape.

Analyze Engagement Metrics

Dive into engagement metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and active members. Identify patterns: What types of posts generate the most interaction? Are there certain topics that resonate better than others?

Evaluate Platform Performance

If you manage multiple platforms, assess their performance individually. Which platforms are driving the most valuable engagement? Consider focusing your efforts on the platforms that yield the best results.

Assess Community Health

Gauge the overall health of your community. Are there signs of toxicity or negative interactions? Address these issues promptly to maintain a positive and welcoming environment.

Refine Content Strategy

Review the content you've shared within the community. Does it align with members' interests and challenges? Adjust your content strategy to provide value and foster meaningful discussions.

Listen and Learn

Revisit feedback from community members received throughout the year. Are there recurring suggestions or concerns? Address these insights to show your dedication to the community's betterment.

Celebrate Community Milestones

Acknowledge community milestones, both big and small. This fosters a sense of belonging among members and strengthens the community's bonds.

Explore New Engagement Avenues

Research emerging engagement trends. Are there new formats such as live videos, Q&A sessions, or interactive challenges that could invigorate community participation?

Collaborate with Influential Members

Identify active and influential members within your community. Collaborate with them to co-create content or initiatives, amplifying their voice and further engaging the broader community.

Well you have the check point areas, but the question is, now what will you do with them? Be intentional in your community and your community will be intentional with you!


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